Ladies on the Lake

Published article at Wakedition

The ladies of the lake rallied together to squeeze in one more session at Go Wake Cable Park before winter set in. With a massive turn out of over 30 ladies aged between 10 and 64, it’s safe to say the state of women’s wakeboarding is looking stronger than ever.


After a highly successful season the Ladies on the Lake ride days have seen close to 100 new women having ago at a wakeboarding. The monthly morning sessions have boosted confidence and created friendships that push each of the ladies to reach new skills and to see what each of them is really made of. And it was on a crisp Sunday morning in the middle of May, 30 ladies, some in steamers and some braving the chilly conditions, took to the Go Ride and main cable. By the end of the session, everyone had achieved something new, including 3 ladies landing raileys on the Go Ride, one butt sliding the flat bar for the first time, and two ladies attempting back rolls on the main cable. There were a cheers of excitement for Jane Taylor as she continuously rode away from this flat-water trick lap after lap.


Coach Tara Pyers said “we are already organising dates for September and into next season. These sessions have been so much fun and we want to get them back up and running as soon as winter is over.” A huge thanks goes out to all the coaches over the season: Tara, Sam Golledge, Bel Dipple, Anna Bielan, Steve Dipple, and Mike Golledge. Also to the sponsors for the time given and the goodies for the ladies to celebrate their achievements and motivate them to keep pushing the sport of women’s wakeboarding. Thanks to Go Wake Cable Park, Go Ride, and Jetpilot for their continued support throughout the 2012/2013 season.



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