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January 18, 2013

It was only a few years ago that a roll to revert off a kicker would get you through the semis of a comp & a 9 off the kicker would give you the win, and that’s in the Pro division. Now days kids not even in their teens are busting out 9’s consistently. And that’s just during a normal cable session.

The Grom’s of wakeboarding are shredding. And in recent years both cable and boat have seen an explosion of talented youngsters with a drive to succeed and a passion to take wakeboarding to a whole new level. With the likes of young Aussies, Harley Clifford, Tony Iacconi, and James Windsor, killing it on the world stage, the greats of Australian wakeboarding have converged on Cables Wake Park Penrith to coach the rising stars of Australian wakeboarding at the third annual Gromstock wakeboard camp.

Bob Soven & Zahra Kell

Bob Soven & Zahra Kell

Gromstock consists of two days cable riding, followed by three days at Black Diamond for boat sessions. Scotty Kell, Daniel Pyne, Bob Soven, Amber Wing, Sophie Hogben, Daniel Grant, Bec Gange, James Windsor, Manu Rupp, Massi Piffaretti, Aaron Gunn, Courtney Angus, Jamie Neville and Tony Iacconi coached 26 eager groms on the left and right foot cables, and the 2.0 system. Kids hit quarter pipes for the first time, learnt inverts, nailed spins, and got heaps of tips to improve riding technique during the hour-long sets with their designated coach. Teaghan Bartley landed front rolls off the outside kicker on the right foot lake, while on the left foot lake 9-year-old Sam Brown stomped his first toe 9 off the wave kicker.

Organiser Scotty Kell said “Gromstock is the most awesome experience for these kids. They get to ride with the best coaches and riders in the world. What more could any kid ask for!” So with cable wakeboarding short-listed for the 2020 Olympics, Australia’s groms look set to continue in the footsteps of their idols, dominating international podiums for a long time to come.



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