Just Go Ride

Published in Wakedition

Published 17th December 2012

For the full 2 part article go to the wakedition online magazine or below is an extract from Part 1 of the article.


Just Go Ride

What if you had been told you would never walk or talk? Would you just give up and accept it? Or would you prove everyone wrong? And once you proved everyone wrong, would you stop there? Or would you keep pushing your own expectations for yourself and continue to exceed the imposed limitations placed on you by those at birth?


Meet eight-year-old Bek and ten-year-old Max. Both were told they would never walk or talk. Bek has Cerebral Palsy and Autism. Max was born with multiple physical impairments due to his brain not fully forming during birth. Both now walk, talk, and with the help of the GoRide and Steve Dipple, both can now wakeboard.

It might not be wakeboarding in the true sense of going around on the cable or hitting obstacles, it is after all only their second lesson. But for Bek and Max it’s an accomplishment so huge, that you can’t wipe the smiles off their faces, or their mum’s and dad’s for that matter.

The process for teaching Bek and Max is different to normal coaching. Steve Dipple works along with a coach, and even the parents, in the water. Every step is broken down into it’s smallest part to build confidence in their ability and to take the fear out of the end result – standing up on a wakeboard and cruising along on the water.


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