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September 19, 2012

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While wakeskaters in the US melted in the heat at the final stop of the Wakeskate Tour, Aussie skaters flocked to Go Wake Cable Park on the Sunny Coast for their annual Winter Wonderland weekend.

Winter in Queensland doesn’t get that cold. Wetsuits are optional. You won’t freeze to death without one. Luckily, Wonderland was so late in winter it tumbled over into spring and brought with it sunny, blue skies for a weekend where grip tape, shoes and mustaches were out in full force.

If you haven’t been to Go Wake in Australia, then do yourself a favour and get to it. With a full size cable, Go Ride (2 tower cable system), and a skate park and the South Maroochy River right next door, there are plenty of ways to get your skate on.

Wonderland doesn’t do competitive competitions. Usually winners are decided by a game of SK8 or who ever ends up with the loudest cheers. There’s no official judging, just everyone from first timers to Pro’s throwing down and having a great time. One of the highlights from the weekend included a day out on the Nautique Sport 200. Sydney skater Tim Franco took out first place with a few massive toeside wake-to-wake shuv’s, and almost nailing a toeside 3 shuv. Jarryd Loxton took out second place with a few boned Ollie’s, and massive wake-to-wake Indy nose grab and tail grabs…

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