Baby Emma

The day before my little girl turns 2 months and I’m a very proud foster mummy right now. That she is still alive is impressive on her part. That she survived at all, well, it makes me wonder what is really out there guiding us all to these exact moments in time and space where things change forever and we become entwined in something so much bigger than ourselves.

Baby Emma arrived at the orphanage at 12 days old. She is the last of 11 children (8 surviving) and born at least one month premature. I’ve never seen anything so tiny. Weighing less than 1.5kg (3.3lb) when she arrived it broke my heart to even think about letting her go back to her village. For starters they were over an hour bicycle ride from the nearest clinic if she needed emergency medical attention. They had no way to feed her and with a newly widowed father caring for 7 other children, he had realised the need to seek help in caring for her.

One month after her arrival at the orphanage and we took Baby Emma back to her village for a visit, to show off her progress and find out more about her birth and family history. Her grandmother was incredibly grateful for the care provided to Emma, as she said she had thought the baby would surely die if they had kept her in their care.

It’s a humbling experience to be a part of. So to share a small snippet of the experience I’ve added a few photos of Baby Emma’s first 6 weeks of life…


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