2K Jam

Wake Magazine

Volume 17: Issue 1

Wakeskaters made the annual trek to Sydney for three days of boat, tinnie and winch free riding. No competitions just throwing down tricks, hitting rails and winching the sacred site Pandora. Regardless of the cold windy weather 2K Jam proved to be another epic wakeskate weekend.

Trav’s boat was launched on Friday into the Hawkesbury River for the first set of the weekend. Zip finished off his set with the wake-to-wake trick of the weekend, busting out a Beni Harner, before Leary hit the water with some huge wake-to-wake 180’s and shuv’s. With full steamers on, sets were lucky to last more than 30 minutes as the sun set and feet froze on the chilly Hawkesbury River. The call was made to wrap up the riding and head for the warmth of tent city, the campfire and Timmy’s burnt BBQ sausages.

Saturday morning saw the arrival of the wind and ski boats. But with an incline, pipe rail and flat bar close to shore the tinnies and boats took off dodging single skiers for a day of rail shredding. Matt ‘Shredwards’ Edwards was back on the water after spending the Australian summer in Canada. Living up to his nickname, Edwards ripped up the incline, taking the best rail trick for the weekend with a back lip front side 270 shuv out.

Jesse back lipping the incline

In between boat sets and rail riding the real action of the weekend took place. Totem tennis championships were on, with Dean Butt and Edwards having a Gold Coast skaters show down, before the Sunny Coast local Jesse took on Edwards until they destroyed the ball. Discussions around the fire revolved around riding etiquette of wearing jocks or not under a steamer and if it was too early to start drinking to warm up. An annual tradition of 2K Jam is the rock off to win an Obscura Wakeskate. After four rounds Sydney local Andy Love walked away with a new skate.

After earlier choppy conditions the wind disappeared and Trav’s party boat and the tinnies headed back out. Leary busted out a 540 back big and also the best flat-water trick of the weekend. Organiser Pete Griffiths enjoyed a soul session on the cruiser board and Millard put everyone to shame riding with no steamer in the freezing afternoon water.

Venturing out on Sunday to the top-secret winch spot, known only as Pandora, there were a few near misses as Leary, Jesse, Edwards and Timmy tried different lines through the four pools. Timmy Franco couldn’t quite ride away from back big’s into the bottom pool and Matt Edwards got close to kickflips. After a massive weekend of wakeskating and chilling out, the cold finally got the better of every one as all feeling was lost in their numb feet.

Pandora winch spot

Events such as 2K Jam wouldn’t be possible without the support of companies like Obscura Wakeskates and I Ride Sideways or the guys, Pete Griffiths, Zip Hayes, Timmy Franco and Trav Fischer, for organising another epic year of wakeskater antics.


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