Flying past the moon

I’m not sure where the days went. But here I am sitting in Sydney International Airport. Halfway through the seven hours I have between flights. The past semester at university, a distant memory. Did I really just hand in the last of 6 assignments two days ago? It feels like a life time ago. My brain has already switched gears. Student me is gone and all knowledge I’ve been witness to for the past four months gone. In its place the next six weeks. Africa.

Reading through my plane tickets and ensuring I had them all printed out last night, it finally sunk in that I’m off to Africa for six weeks. Not just to see the sites, but to research, learn and start the wheels in motion for a few projects that until this point have just been words floating through my brain; quickly typed into iPhone notes or written on scraps of paper/backs of uni note books so I remembered the thoughts. The ideas floating around as dreams are turning into reality.

Which is possibly why it doesn’t feel real. I’m on my way there, but not quite there. I’m flying past the moon. Somewhere between reality and dream.


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  1. AndrewGills
    Jun 09, 2012 @ 09:33:30

    Have a ball in Africa 🙂 . I am jealous. I would love to go there one day. I particularly want to go to Kenya because that’s where my daughter-in-law lived after her family fled Sudan. She is the mother of my grandchildren who are African too so I’d love to see where their heritage lies. I’ll be following your trip with interest 🙂


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