On The Water

After the miserable weather of late, I was stoked to wake up early Saturday morning to clear skies and no wind.  Ebb and I were making the trek up north to Go Wake Cable Park at the Sunshine Coast to spend the morning hanging out with Daniel Pyne and his wakeboard School Gimme Pop, which was holding a clinic at the park, for a story we were putting together for the next issue of inonit magazine.  I had another reason to be a bit excited.  After five months off the water, I was hoping to finally get some time to go for a wakeboard.

After hanging around checking out Pyney at work coaching and chewing the fat, there was a break between footage we needed to film.  I was going for a ride!  Nothing beats going for a wakeboard.  Specially early in the day, when the lakes like butter.  Thinking I’d just go round in circles, as I sat on the dock waiting my turn, I knew in reality I’d want to hit an obstacle at some point to see how my leg would handle it.

First crack on the incline and I came off butt checking, completely off-balance, but somehow riding away.  Next few were not so bad.  A couple of laps in and my muscles started to feel the pain, pain of being used, having fun wakeboarding pain.  I’m going to hurt the next few days, but it was worth it to go ride a few laps around the lake.

The highlight of my ride was going doubles on the cable with Pyney.  Watching him hit rails, ollie (to what felt like) as high as my head off flat water and launching into air tricks.  All in all I was pretty stoked with my first ride back on the water.  Even if I was as un-coordinated as ever, but I had fun and now days, that really matters.


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