San Diego: Top three things to do

Having spent the past two weeks hanging out in San Diego, I’ve compiled my top things to see and do while visiting the gorgeous bay city in Southern California.  From the miles of board walks along the beach fronts, to the downtown bay area, the endless supply of bars and eateries to the world-famous San Diego Zoo, this place has it all.  Two hours south of Los Angeles, five-hour drive east to Las Vegas or 20 miles south to Mexico, it’s a great base for exploring.  So whether you are into holidaying on beaches, snowboarding in the mountains or partying it up, San Diego is the place to start at.  Two weeks were barely enough time to scratch the surface, so I’m looking forward to going back some day and spending more time exploring California’s oldest city.

1. Eating Mexican

From super cheap 99 cent Tacos from Jack in the box to full service Mexican restaurants, San Diego has Mexican food covered.  With claims that it’s better than real deal, there are endless places to stop and snack on Mexican food, whatever time of the day.  Try burritos, tamales, tacos, fajita, or enchilada washed down with a margarita.  San Diego’s own mexican inspired, Carne Asada Fries, is a must as a baseball game snack.

Chicken Tamales

For a great night out, head to Casa de Reyes Mexican Cuisine in Old Town San Diego.  The have a range of tequila’s available at the bar and the meals are delicious.  I can thoroughly recommend the Chicken Tamales.  Don’t forget to add hot sauce and wash it all down with a house margarita.

2. Sea Lions at La Jolla

The locals at the Children’s Beach in La Jolla, have caused a bit of controversy in recent years.  Mainly because they are not children, but Sea Lions.  Some local (people) residents want them removed so that children can enjoy the beach named for them.  The rest of the human locals say to leave the Sea Lions be.  Regardless of the name of the beach, it’s home to a sun baking bunch of Sea Lions, that play and swim for their own amusement, as much as the amusement of visitors on the cliff and break wall above.  Watching animals in their natural habitat is always a highlight for me.  I’d rather spend a day watching the Sea Lions swim and play, then going to a zoo to see animals.

Sea Lions at La Jolla


3. Bike ride along Mission Beach


Running north from the Mission Bay opening into the ocean, Mission Beach has miles of sidewalk running between the beach and bungalows, bars and eateries.  Sidewalk stalls renting beach cruiser bicycles are plentiful.  Alternatively roller blades, skateboards, penny skates or long boards also pack the pathway as locals and visitors weave their way through each other, enjoying the scenery.  Games of volleyball or ring toss take place on the beach the whole stretch of the sidewalk or at the southern end of the sidewalk check out the amusement park with wooden rollercoaster and wave house.  Grab a fresh lemonade, ice cream cone, mexican from any of the shacks set up or refresh after a long bike ride with a beer overlooking the ocean.


Mission Beach


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