Jetlag… the unbeatable foe.  I had a plan.  I thought I could out wit it.  But no, jetlag has remained the clear winner.

The flight from Brisbane to Los Angles is only twelve and a half to thirteen hours.  Take off from Brisbane mid morning, arrive at LAX a few hours earlier that same morning.  Thanks to the good people at Qantas Airways for bumping me up to Business Class – bigger seat, leg rests, comfy blankets and pillows, in the hope that I might be more comfortable and travel well.  I travelled wonderfully, I just didn’t sleep on the flight.  Instead catching up on university readings and movies I haven’t had time to see (a bit late I know, but I’ve now seen the last Harry Potter and Pirates of the Caribbean movies, therefore finishing off the sagas).  My logic in this maddening thought was – stay awake for at least 36 hours straight and you should definitely sleep through the night.  Therefore avoiding jetlag and ready to make the most of  two weeks in California.  I stayed awake for over 36 hours straight.  Slept for 3 1/2 hours, woke up with no idea where I was or what day it was.  Before sleeping on and off until 11.30am the next day.  Needless to say I was a zombie yesterday.

Everyone has tricks or tips on how to beat jetlag.  The ones I’ve found to be the most helpful include:

– Drinking lots of water (before, during and after the flight).

– Stay awake all day.  Try and go to bed at your usual time to help switch over your body clock.

– Eat really healthy or similar to your normal diet for the first few days to avoid sluggish metabolism.

However, it really depends on the person and where you are travelling to, or how long you’ve been travelling for.  Sometimes I can be asleep before the plane has taken off the runway, other times I can get to a place and sleep for twelve hours straight and not feel like I’ve just been on a long haul flight zipping across time zones and into or out of days.  Regardless of the jetlag sustained, it is a small hassle to incur, for the experience of travelling and exploring somewhere else in the world.




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