Lost for words

As the days quickly tick by and the date for my impending adventure to California nears, my brain seems to have packed up and gone on holidays already.  Two assignments to go and three other articles to go, yet I feel as though I spend the majority of hours sitting, staring blankly at my computer screen.  Nothing makes sense anymore.  Everything I type just sounds so blah.  That’s if I manage to get any words out in the first place.

It probably doesn’t help that all five pieces are so very different to each other and my ideas for each have begun to morph and mesh in amongst themselves.  I have a short story about the relationship between a grandmother and grandson; a travel article on cooking in Malawi; a writing exercise on experimenting with the use of dialogue; an analytical essay on persuasive techniques; and another short story that continues to change on a daily basis.

To attempt to solve my problem and bring my brain back to the present moment, I am going to try packing this morning.  I figure if I pack now, then I will stop thinking about this task and I will have everything lined up ready to go where I can see it.  There will be no more excuses for getting lost in daydreams or writing lists in my head of the things I need to find and take.  I’ll know that it is all there ready to go and hopefully I can get back to the task at hand.  That’s the theory anyway.


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