Abseiling Waterfalls

Leaving home at the crack of dawn and driving a few hours south-west, we arrived at an unmarked location somewhere in the bush.  Vague description of an exact location?  Yes.  But this is as good as I can provide.  It really was this vague as I sat in the back seat enjoying the fog gently lifting from the paddocks lining the main road, as the sun rose higher and warming the chill early air.  Winding up a mountainside, maybe in Queensland or maybe New South Wales, I’m not even sure which side of the border we were.  Half an hour walk along cow tracks and over one barbed wire fence, then another fifteen minutes through light scrub and we had arrived.

The destination a set of three waterfall.  We were perched at the top drop off, with around 100m of waterfalls to abseil down over the next few hours.  Ropes were set up and gear checked.  Everything safe and secure ready to go, it was time to leap over the edge for a bit of fun.

The first waterfall taking the longest as the excitement and novelty had not had time to wear off.  Every tiny plant growing out of the rock face, angle looking up/down and rainbow of water had to be photographed.  The second two waterfalls did not have such a luxury of time.  The sun quickly disappeared the further we ventured into the gorge and the colder it got.  The cold aside, it was definitely an adrenalin rush.  The force of water gushing down over you, stepping bit by bit down the slippery, wet rock face.  Not to mention the other obstacles to over come along the way – ropes getting caught in trees, plus getting over my fear of taking that first step off the edge.  Eventually though we made it to the bottom of the last waterfall and swam out of the final pool.  Soaking wet, we devoured what food we had left in our packs, while packing away ropes, harnesses and other bits and pieces of equipment.

Lastly the two-hour hike back up to the top.  No tracks, just scrambling up through the scrub and rocks.  Wet clothes, now dripping in sweat as we made our way back into the scorching afternoon sun and finally back to the barbed wire fence.  Crossing back over the fence and it was like it didn’t exist.  And in a way it didn’t.  As I have no idea where it is exactly and I’d prefer not to know as it keeps a bit of the magic alive in the whole adventure.


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