Bridge Stories

Constable Matt Duncan ran across this bridge with the police footy squad every Thursday night.  The shaking of tarmac and steel, as cars drove along the six lanes vibrating through his feet and aching calf muscles.  Underneath the water from the Brisbane River flowed like a thick muddy soup.  Swirls of chocolate-brown water slapped against the rocky bank, echoing up to the footpath.  When the sun set through the high rises over the water, the river sparkled as it swayed to the rhythm of City Cat’s ferrying commuters.  Rain dripped in fat heavy drops off the steel beams, splattering the slowly crawling cars confined to two lanes each way.  It was harder to run in a police issued hi-vis weatherproof jacket.  A roll of rope swung from the crook of his elbow.  “Detective, here you go.” He said passing the slimy wet bundle over.

“Thank you Constable,” he said unravelling the rope and tossing one end over the bridge.  The Detective tied the other end with a boom hitch to the railing.

“Ok team, at approximately 0915 hours a Caucasian female with blonde hair was seen jumping from this spot.  Her body has not resurfaced and we need to locate it immediately.”

~ This is a creative piece I had to write as my weekly play around piece for university.  Each week we look at different techniques and in a few hundred words can play around with the technique.  The story was inspired by my drive across the Story Bridge this morning, that had one lane closed off for a ‘Police Incident’.


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