Pea-sized hulk

Let the celebration begin!! My knee, after 15 weeks, has finally recovered.  Only twice as long as it originally should have taken.  The physio staff were glad to kick me out finally and to celebrate having a straight leg my trainer has declared that we will can now start upper body strength to make me look like a less feminine version of the Hulk.

How he plans to achieve this I do not know.  I have the skinniest arms around.  After our first session this morning, I can’t even move my arms.  Fingers, yes.  Arms, no.  According to Wade, the Hulk is to girly looking, hence the less feminine version of the Hulk.  I wouldn’t say the Hulk is girly at all.  He’s big, he’s green and he runs around with no shirt on getting angry.  All seem very manly attributes to me.  During training today, I had words of encouragement spoken in Hulk language.  Two word sentences in a gravelly, monster voice.  That or Wade was practicing to be a death metal singer, I couldn’t quite tell.  Regardless, I don’t see us ever achieving this Hulk like gun show with me.  I can’t even get a hair brush through my hair at the moment, or lift my bottle of water to my lips properly.  My arm gives up half way and falls back down beside me.

So for now Wade can keep living out his Hulk/death metal boyish dreams.  If anything it keeps me entertained, distracting from the pain inflicted… well, slightly anyway.


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