I had to read Beowulf for High School English.  That was many years ago and I don’t remember any of it.  Now, I’ve had the pleasure of re-reading it for my Introduction to Great Books class.  I still don’t remember any of it.  But from my general understanding of the lecture on the book, Beowulf is a great hero.  He has three epic battles against monsters and wins, but is mortally wounded in the last battle.  The end.

There is the condensed summary of the first noted epic tale recorded in the history of literature.  I feel I have not done Beowulf justice.  He was a hero after all.  He boozed and plunder treasure, he killed “monsters” to save the great norse halls from falling into another’s hands, he was committed to the cause – a true hero.  There was no love interest (the most recent Hollywood movie version where he hooks up with Angelina Jolie doesn’t count, as her character is the second monster he kills).  So after analysing a text I understand very little about (it was the hardest piece of text I think I’ve ever come across reading), I now have to write a creative piece placing a modern-day superhero into an epic story in the tradition of Beowulf.

I’m at a loss as to what to write.  I don’t know very much about superheroes.  I know that there are a lot of movies (and sequels) made by Hollywood based on comics.  So maybe i need to spend the night “researching” the afore-mentioned movies to gain a better understanding of the genre… that or I’ll just make up my own superhero.  After all it is creative writing, so I should be allowed to do that.


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