Goodbye Summer

The air is changing.  There is a slight crispness now, that replaces the early morning humidity of Summer.  Every year I start out the season with grand plans of things to do.  Summer is my favourite time of year.  When you can play at the beach, swimming, wakeboarding, bikinis, camping, surfing, partying, everything is better in Summer.  Every year the end of the season creeps up all to quickly and then it’s gone, before I’ve come close to enjoying it anywhere near as much as I’d like too.

This Summer started out so promising too.  But I suppose a knee injury will bring a jarring halt to all my favourite Summer activities.  So as the weather cools off and the days are all overcast and breezy, I’ve decided it’s almost time to pack away all my bikinis and bring out the warmer clothing I have tucked away in my chest of drawers.  Not that it gets that cold in Brisbane, unless you live here and then winter feels freezing!


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