Top 5 tips: entertainment while travelling

In a few weeks I head off on a mini adventure.  The excitement has set in as all the details are now finalised and the all important question of what to pack, has firmly nestled itself into my mind.  I was at the gym this morning and lists of songs to update my iPod with, were running through my head.  Yesterday I was doing assignments and while googling authors and books, etc, I got side tracked and start googling things to see and do on my little adventure.

No matter how you travel on an adventure, whether it’s by car, bus, train or plane, one thing is for sure, it’s going to be long and it’s going to be boring.  Depending on how well you travel will impact on what you can do to entertain yourself for the trip.  Lastly is the money factor.  Or maybe it’s just me… I have a small assortment of gadgets to entertain me, but not a lot in terms of what is available technology wise these days.  Whatever the case these essentials fill up my backpack every time I travel.

1. iPod: Fully charged and with an updated song list.  There is nothing worse than sitting on a bus for 6-12 hours, listening to the same songs you’ve listened to on all of your other bus/plane/car trips before.

2. 2 x Books: On a long haul flight I can easily read at least one.  I’m not a great sleeper on planes, especially in cattle class (economy) where I somehow always manage to find myself with a middle seat.  Plus they are great time fillers while sitting around airports in between flights.

Gummi bears

3. Lollies: Gummi bears are my personal favourite, but any lolly (chocolate can melt to easy) is great.  Pit stops for food can be few and far between on bus or car trips.  Lollies (while not the healthiest option) can tide you over until the next decent feed.  They’re also great for take off and landings during plane trips to help pop your ears.  And when I’m really bored I make up games for eating lollies, e.g. eating them in certain colour orders; Gummi bear death matches – who can squash who first & the squashed bear gets eaten first; or stretching them as far as they can go and only eating them after they snap.

4. Puzzle books & pens: Great for when your brain needs a bit of stimulation after airplane oxygen overload.  Clears the fuzzy mind and also great time fillers for all of those in transit hours spent waiting in bus stops or airports.

5. Laptop: I don’t go anywhere without it.  I can type story ideas up or work on stories I already have saved.  Some airports or restaurants have free wi-fi, so you can quickly hop on-line to send messages home or upload photos and blog posts.  Plus I keep a few movies on it for when the selection available on the flight just doesn’t cut it.


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