Growing up is optional

I had a weekend of extremes.  On the one side was a night out of drinking and partying at bars and clubs in Surfers Paradise.  On the other was a day of fun and games in the park.  After the hangover I suffered from the first outing of my weekend, I must say that I rather prefer the second style of outing these days.

Maybe I’m getting old, but playing like a kid in the park sort of contradicts this theory.  Maybe my idea of fun has changed though.  Waking up dehydrated and feeling seedy and sickly is no longer enjoyable.  Not when the sun is shining and it’s a beautiful day spent by the water, with some music and good company.  The laughs shared in the park were genuine as everyone was out enjoying life.  There were electric skateboard races, dodging trees and each other, for three laps to find the ultimate champion.  Walking on stilts, jumping witches hats on scooters, twister on the grass and swedish wooden block throwing games.  The smell of sausages cooking on the BBQ and then wrapped in a piece of white bread, devoured by all.

It made me realise that my days of getting drunk and partying until all hours are well and truly over.  It’s one of those things that has lost its appeal, as I’ve already been there and done that to many times.  Not that I haven’t reverted to my childlike self often enough, but the buzz achieved through the simplistic enjoyment of life (and remembering it all later on!) doesn’t ever grow old.



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