Film? What is that?

I found my old film SLR camera the other day.  In between moving house and the introduction of digital cameras, it had become neglected to the back of a draw.  Until just now.  During a hunt for something else the other day, I uncovered the lost treasure.  Not sure if it still worked, I ventured to the photographic store on a mission to revive my SLR and have some fun with it.  A new set of batteries, a roll of film, then my camera and I were good to go.

Unfortunately my knowledge in taking photos manually had not survived being buried away, as the camera had survived the same period of time.  Now the challenge is on to re-teach myself how to use my camera.  I’m excited to play around with aperture and shutter speed, different subjects and ways of taking photos.  Finishing off a roll of film and then anxiously waiting for the results of my experiments.  Digital has taken away the suspense and element of surprise associated with film photography.  Digital allows you to take photos and instantly see the result, make changes, take the photo again if it hasn’t worked as desired.  Film photography requires attention to detail to the finer elements of each photo and for me a little moment of excitement, opening up the packet of freshly printed photos and looking through each one reminiscing over memories and the work I put in to hopefully achieving a decent photo.


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