Top 5 things to see & do in Malaysia

Whether you’re after adventure or shopping, relaxing or getting amongst all the action, Malaysia has something to cater to everyone.  While I only got to see a fraction of what Malaysia has to offer during my travels, I came across a few must do’s.  Here are my top five favourite things I did or places I got to see…

1. Visit the Sam Poh Temple, Tanah Rata, Cameron Highlands

Out of all the temples I’ve visited in Asia, this one left me covered in goosebumps.  The atmosphere was electric, as soon as I stepped over the threshold I could feel the energy of temple pulsing in the air around me.  Spend a few minutes meditating or just soaking up the incredible sensation this Buddhist temple generates.

2. Gua Telinga, Taman Negara

Gua Telinga

Gua Telinga is an underground cave in the jungles of Taman Negara.  They can be climbed through with or without a guide.  Either way, take a torch.  There is a thin rope that runs through the caves to guide the way, but in the lowest section of the cave it can be tricky to follow it.  Listening to the bats swoop past somewhere in the darkness can be a little overwhelming.  The confined space, which in one section is no more than a narrow passage only able to be passed through by crawling, can also get the heart racing as the darkness closes around you.  If you can breathe your way through and not allow panic to set in, these caves are well worth the adventure.

Patronas Towers




3. Patronas Towers, Kuala Lumpur

This astounding architectural masterpiece is well worth checking out.  The many stories about its construction, whether fact or fiction, add to the appeal of this building.  My tip is avoid the line up in the morning to nab one of the limited tickets for the viewing platform (if you want a great view of the city instead go up the KL Tower, Menara Kuala Lumper), but head to the Patronas Towers at night.  Be dazzled by the lights that cover the towers, making it sparkle and stand out amongst the rest of the KL night sky line.

4. Low Yat Plaza, Kuala Lumper

I’m not a huge fan on technology, but the Low Yat Plaza, located in the Golden Triangle of KL, is six floors of every imaginable gizmo, gadget, technological advancement available on the market.  Along with every accessory for every single piece of technology.  It’s hectic, it’s madness, it’s the best place to buy new technology at a great price.  Work out what it is you want to buy, then go between 4-5 stores and ask them for their best price, what extras can they throw in, to beat the price the last store offered you.  They will haggle, they will drop prices, they will give you extras, especially if you pay cash.  Best place by far to purchase any new toys you want while on holidays or to entertain you on those long bus trips while travelling.

5. Snorkelling, Perhentian Palau

There are heaps of snorkelling trips around the Perhentians.  Diving and diving courses are also offered, but with so much coral and fish life within a few metres of the surface, you get just as good an experience snorkelling.  Dive under the water a metre or two to explore underneath coral shelves, sandy bottoms where the turtles rest or find Nemo at home in the gently swaying sea anemone.


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