Writer’s Block

My mind is ticking over all the ideas and possibilities to write about.  None seems quite right today.  It’s beginning to frustrate me just a little.  I have stories and adventures from travels overseas that could be told, but they come out sounding boring, contrived, forced.  I have a list of ideas for short stories to develop.  Characters that I’ve constructed lives for, with relationships, settings, dialogue and underlying themes, but these too seem a bit… blah.  The settings seem unbelievable or the characters at odds with each other, when they should blend easily.  I have university assignments that I could start, but since it’s only the start of the second week back, I feel like it is too early to begin these.  Or maybe it’s just the block that is causing me to find excuses today with everything I write today.

There are days where words and ideas flow and I’m sure they will go on forever as wave after wave of idea crashes over me.  Then there are days, like today, where ideas just float around, stagnant in the pool of water.  Slowly evaporating, disappearing as I toss one idea after the next aside.  Days where none of the ideas seem worthy of exploring further, because they all seem to stink.

Tomorrow I will wake and half of the ideas that appeared awful today, will have morphed or grown overnight.  Tomorrow they will flow and the block will clear and I’ll wonder why today they just didn’t make sense.  Time away is sometimes the only cure, to allow the words to settle back into perspective.


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