Bavarian Beer Garden

To get an authentic experience of a culture with its food and traditions, you have to travel to that place, right?  Unless the culture, food and traditions come to you.  This past weekend my Uncle, Aunt and Cousin, who are visiting from Germany, brought a little taste of their life to our family here.  Granted it’s never going to be the same having a Bavarian Beer Garden lunch in 27 C weather, compared to having it in an actual beer garden in Germany, surrounded by the rolling green hills and snow.  But, for me it was better as a heap of my family were all in the one place eating a feast, drinking beer, laughing and enjoying each others company.  I wouldn’t have gotten that part of the experience if I were in Germany.

Bavaria, a state in south-east Germany, is a place full of traditions.  They place great value on their food and drink, with many speciality dishes served at festivals and special occasions, as well as local Beer Gardens, along with the standard 1 litre of beer.  Our Bavarian feast included traditional pretzels and german bread with an assortment of toppings, including chives and butter or a cheese dip.  Other tasty treats we enjoyed were salted white radishes, wiener schnitzel, currywurst, german potato salad all washed down with german wheat beer.

We all ate until we could barely move.  Which in my family is not a new tradition, but the different food was an opening to discover more about a culture we knew very little about.  To embrace a significant part of my relatives lives and incorporate aspects of it into our family.




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