Wake Chick’s Summer Series

Published on Wake Online

Normally cable parks are male dominated areas.  Everywhere you turn there is another tanned wakeboarder dude walking around with no shirt on.  Looking at the line on the dock, I was sure I was in some crazy opposite world.  Thirty females age 14-40+ all with wakeboards in hand ready to learn from Liquid Force Australia Pro Team rider Courtney Angus, with assistance from the Cable Ski Logan coaching staff.  This was the latest turn out for the Wake Chick’s Summer Series, in an already record breaking line up of clinics at the park this season.

There was a real sense of camaraderie between the ladies as they laughed, chatted and cheered each other on the dock.  From learning to get up behind the cable to riding switch and hitting kickers and rails for the first time the ladies were enthusiastic participants.  The cable wakeboarding bug getting those who have been around wakeboarding for a long time, with Harley Clifford’s mum, Sharon joining in and getting tips from her youngest son Ethan, as well as Courtney.

Local shredder Kelsey Smith was steezing it up with toe side Indy grabs off the out lake kicker and a front side 540 over the flat box.  Hitting the kicker for the first or second time ever were Sophie on her toe side and Caroline on her heel side.  They came very close to riding away and were stoked with their attempts to even have a crack at an obstacle.  Logan’s newly addicted regular Melissa “Burger” Smith said, “I’m hooked.  I’ve started coming up every weekend to have a go.  I can make a full lap now on the cable.  When I first started it took me a whole session to just get off the dock.”

Chatting to the ladies about technique as they waited for their turn, Courtney Angus said, “Wowza!  There are so many chick’s getting into it.  It’s so cool to see so many ladies getting enthusiastic about wakeboarding.”  To assist in coaching the ladies on the water Courtney and the Cable Ski Logan staff utilised the Headzone Helmets, with inbuilt radio to talk riders through the different elements of tricks they were trying to learn.  Keili Muller learnt to ride switch with coaching provided this way and also took out the prize for the best new trick learnt on the day.  Nadine Guenther received the prize for the most improved and Kim D’Ath showed the biggest effort at the clinic.  Monica Millward received a well-deserved prize after her best stack of the clinic.  Finally making it past the first corner on her last attempt, she then rounded the second, getting to the third only to go straight to front edge and scorpion.  She shook it off and is keen to come back to the next session to make it all the way around the lake.

Organiser of the Wake Chick’s Summer Series, Krissy Wilkings said, “We are overwhelmed with the response.  We had so many ladies wanting to book in, that we are holding another clinic next weekend.  Jetpilot have been amazing in their support of the clinics to promote women in cable wakeboarding.”  The clinics, sponsored by Cable Ski Logan, Jetpilot and Liquid Force, have attracted a whole new group to the sport, who otherwise might not have given it a go.  The sense of support and friendship the ladies receive through the helpfulness and cheer of local riders Kristen Smith on the dock, plus awesome advice from coach Courtney Angus, it’s no wonder the ladies are keen to come back for more.

Photos by Sonny Te Huia


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