Letting Go

In the words of my physio today… “For someone so chilled out, you need to learn to let go.”

He was referring to letting go of my leg muscles, that continue to not play along in the rehabilitation of my knee.  It seems such a simple thing.  Just release the muscles, let them go…  I’ve tried yoga breathing and meditation techniques to try and get my muscles to relax and let go.  I stretch, I do all the exercises set, I move around, yet they still hold strong.  So I’ve decided to look into this further, as generally when these things happen to the body, there is an underlying meaning to it.

Turns out after googling and looking through books and a few online bits and pieces I have mental blocks providing a reminder that I might not be a flexible as I believe I am or in an emotional block sense it reflects my inflexibility to my perception of the future … interesting.  It apparently occurs more in those with a stubborn attitude.  I am a Scorpio, so stubbornness is a given.

So to fix my knee completely, apart from continued exercise to rebuild my disintegrated muscles, I need to find a way to shed my self of my fear of losing control in the face of new ideas or bending to the will of others.  Right.

Shows how little I understand myself, as I don’t strike myself as the type of person to fear new ideas or even losing control.  But, I don’t think the body can lie to oneself.  There comes a point where an injury or illness has a deeper meaning relating to an aspect of life that has been ignored.  It becomes an issue when the body finally has enough of the soul it carries around, ignoring or living in denial about changes that need to happen.  Changes that will make the soul happy.  Now the challenge is on to let go and make my soul and body balanced and happy again…



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