Food Rainbows


I’ve become slightly obsessed with cooking dishes that contain colour.  Lots of colour.  Walking through the markets this morning was a sensory overload.  Bags of rich brown spices, light golden grains and rusty red beans.  Tables piled high with bright pink dragon fruit, bundles of herbs and boxes of plump paw paw, avocados and juicy tomatoes.  I couldn’t tear my eyes away from the sumptuous array of

Dragon Fruit & Paw Paw

colours, textures and smells lining both sides of the road.

I want to start experimenting more with cooking and the foods I use.  This week alone I’ve tasted more new foods, then I have in a long time.  Sushi, kangaroo steaks and prawns have all become new favourites, sweet potato for breakfast was another newly introduced dish I had never even thought of.  Lightly seasoned, diced and cooked up to serve with scrambled eggs.  YUM!!  My absolute favourite dish for a mouth watering splash of colour, would have to be stir fry.  Vermicelli noodles, garlic, ginger, basil or coriander, lemongrass or shallots, egg or chicken, carrots, broccoli, beans, mushrooms, capsicum (peppers), spinach and zucchini.  Sometimes even pumpkin or potato, along with soy sauce, oyster sauce and sweet chilli sauce.  It all intertwines to create a beautiful mixture of taste, colour, texture and smell that cannot be topped… in my kitchen anyway.


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