Backyard Adventures

My attempts to write a post every day for one year have well and truly gone by the way side.  For the past week I have played tour

Koala at Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary

guide to an American and in the process I have rediscovered some of the reasons I love Australia.  Our backyard adventures included all things Australian, such as:

– Visiting Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary and cuddling a koala and feeding the kangaroos

– Drinking Australian alcohol (XXXX beer, VB beer and Bundy Rum)

– Cooking up Kangaroo steaks for dinner

– Barramundi and chips for lunch at the beach

– Lunch at a surf club

– Going to the beach

Feeding a Kangaroo


If I had to pick a favourite part of the cultural tour of Australia, it would definitely be the American-Australian English translations.  Discovering so many everyday words and phrases that have a completely different meaning to the other culture.  Or trying to pronounce Australian location names, such as, Mooloolaba and Coolangatta amongst the long list of weird and wonderful names.


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