Wakeboarding, and I have to mention wakeskating too, is a weird and wonderful sport.  Where pro’s, amateur’s and grommets all hang out and party together.  Where the morning of a competition they wake up and have a beer for breakfast or they haven’t slept at all.  Health and fitness regimes include smoking copious amounts of cigarettes and dancing around when they are really drunk.  It’s a sport where a pro can rock up at a cable park, not ridden it in twelve months and still take out first place in the competition.

It’s not a sport to make money out of, it’s a lifestyle.  For the pro’s it’s getting to follow the sun and warm weather all year round.  For everyone else it’s the feeling of being out on the water shredding.  It clears the head and nothing else matters, except the cable and your board.  Everyday there is a new story, new tricks learnt, new shenanigans to get up too.

Coming to the end of the last weekend comp of the season it’s almost a little sad.  Winter will start kicking in and half the riders will migrate overseas, while the rest of us go back to school, work or just drift off into other things.  Then summer rolls in again and everyone gets back together for the crazy shenanigans to start once more.


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