Excuses.  We all have them.  “I’m too busy”, “I don’t have…” or “I can’t.”  The barriers we put up to prevent ourselves from achieving everything we want in this life.  And it’s no wonder, it’s daunting taking the steps to go after something you want.  There’s not only the financial barriers, but sometimes, physical, geographical, social and emotional barriers as well.  It can all seem to hard.

Now, take a moment to listen to Samantha O’Conner

Thought-provoking?  Inspirational? Possible?

In Australia 105000 people are homeless.  22000 of these are young people.  And 25% of the total of homeless people in Australia are in Queensland.  With stories ranging from domestic violence, to substance abuse, bankruptcy and metal health issues, every single one of these “invisible” people has a story.  A life story that hasn’t quite gone the way they thought it should, but a life just like you and me.  So suppose your life as you know it was turned upside down, what would you do?  Or more importantly, where would you go if you  had no home to go to…?

Without shelter, so many other aspects of your life can’t continue on.  It puts the “I can’t”‘s into perspective.  The barriers we set for ourselves can become obsolete.  When you strip back your life to the bare necessities, and survival is a primary focus, “I can’t” doesn’t fit in the vocabulary anymore.


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