Home of Hope

I’ve been thinking about this place a lot lately.  The little orphanage village thirty minutes outside of Mchinji in Malawi.  I

Home of Hope village

volunteered at Home of Hope back in 2010 and was suppose to go back in April 2011… that never happened.  The universe threw a few curve balls my way, which I didn’t deal very well with and leaving to live in the middle of no where in Africa suddenly didn’t seem like such a good idea.  I wasn’t sure my spirit would survive leaving behind my friends and family at a time when I needed them most.

But now, eighteen months on, I feel guilty that I haven’t returned.  I became stuck in the rut of normal life back home and everything else kind of went by the way side.  I never wanted that to happen.  Yesterday I started changing all of that.  Yesterday I finished putting together a draft copy of a coffee table book on Home of Hope.  It was a little project I decided I wanted to do when I first got back home.  Something to remind me of my time there and the power of spirit the people at Home of Hope showed in the face of such adversity.  In a few days time my coffee table book will arrive in the post, all printed in colour with beautiful glossy photos of smiling faces living their day to day lives at the village.  The process of putting the book together got me thinking.  Could I make more of these and sell them as a fundraising item, with all proceeds going to the orphanage to help them continue with the wonderful work they are doing.  This in turn got me excited for a charity wakeboard comp I’m organising on the 1st April, 2012, with all proceeds going to furthering the education of the children at the orphanage.  And then there’s university mid year break.  Seven weeks to occupy myself.  The planning has begun and I will be venturing back to Africa.  It won’t be a long term visit, as I have to return to university (this being my third attempt, I really need to finish a degree this time round and then leave permanently).  But any visit is better than nothing.  Volunteering is such a wonderful experience, that has a two fold effect.  Not only do those less fortunate benefit from the introduction and sharing of skills and support, but those that volunteer usually learn a lot about life in general as well.  Let the count down begin to getting to see everyone in the village again!!

For more information on Home of Hope check out:

Raising Malawi 

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Home of Hope  


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