Famous people.  There not really any different to everyone else.  Sure they have a truck load of money (usually) and they get to do some pretty amazing things, that are paid for by someone else.  But other than that they are just the same as everyone else.  I have met a few famous people this past 24 hours.  To the general public they would just be anybody else.  In the wakeboarding scene, these guys are gods.

Last night I found myself sitting in a room with some of these big names.  Guys I’ve watched on DVD’s and youtube clips, that take the sport to a whole new level.  We were watching movie previews on a repeating loop and discussing the impact of a virus taking over the world (like swine flu, but worse).  It was so completely random, yet so very normal.  I’d been star-struck for all of two seconds, while they introduced themselves to me, then the conversation picked up where it had left off before they’d arrived and they became normal people.  We were all just chilling out.  It was like some weird cross over between reality and a movie.  They’d been plucked from the TV screen and were now sitting in a hotel room chatting about whatever, over a beer.

It brought about the realisation that these guys, are just regular people.  But they are living the dream… their dream.  What separates them from most people, is that they don’t give up on that dream.  They have skill by the truckload, but they also have ambition to push themselves doing what they love and by default are now famous.  It’s not a bad way to live your life, famous or not.


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