Road Tripping

Sitting in a car for 14 hours gives you a large amount of time to think.  Well almost 14 hours worth.  Between toilet and food stops every few hours, plus the hour or two of laughing and joking about the stupid things that happen on a road trip, the rest of the time is spent staring out a window contemplating the world rushing by.

I haven’t done a road trip in a while.  Not a long one anyway.  The road side viewing constantly changing as you drive in and out of towns, stretches driving past rivers on the highway and slowing down to 5km/hour when it’s raining so hard the driver and rest of the passengers in the car can’t see anymore.  And it did pour down for a solid 4 hours of the trip.  We reached a point just outside Coffs Harbour where the police were getting ready to block off the road, due to the rising water.  We made it through the torrent of water flowing across the road and were on a mission.  The radio had just announced that they were close to closing more of the highway 60km south of where we were, near Kempsey.  Lots of rapids flowing in the roadworks beside the road and in gullies out of the scrub later and we made it through Kempsey unscathed.

In between conversations and flooding, it was nice to have some time to be completely silent.  To contemplate things going on in the world and in my life.  Sort out things that have been going on, but I’ve put off thinking about of late, because it’s just easier to not think about them.  Thinking, about important things or just taking time for your self, seem to get pushed to the bottom of the pile of things to do.  There is always something more “important” to do.  Work, study, family or friends, everyone else gets put before your self.  It’s not until all the distractions are taken away and you are forced to enjoy some silent time thinking about your self, that you actually appreciate spending time just for you.

A road trip was just what I needed to completely turn off from the world.  No internet, no phone (a part from it going in and out of range, I also get sick reading it), no TV, the perfect way to switch off from the world.


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