Balanced on the edge

“My life is like a stroll on the beach… as near to the edge as I can go.”

~ Thoreau

My life is balanced precariously on this edge.  The wind blows to strongly and I’m likely to go tumbling in and be dragged out to sea in an undercurrent.  But I can’t stray from the edge of the beach.  Walking in the soft sand away from the water is slow, monotonous and boring.  Sure the view is nice and I could smile serenely as I watch others in amusement as the venture closer to the edge.  But I have to be one of the people, shrieking in delight as I race the waves at the shore line.  Always playing a game with the waves, standing my ground until the very last moment, before racing them back across the sand.  Never knowing who will win, hoping that I’ve played right and the waves won’t catch me this time.

Living life on the edge is exhilarating.  Full of excited shrieks and delight as the chances I’ve taken work out alright.  There are many close calls though.  Some where the bubbling foam that clings to the tip of the wave, just manages to out run the water and clings to my heels.  These are the moments in life, when I stop and stand a few feet back from the ocean.  I’d pushed my life to far, got the timing wrong and now I’m out of breath from the sprint back from the edge.

But then the temptation to push the boundaries draws me back.  And before I know it I’m back tip toeing along the edge, between the safety of the sand and the never ending churning of the sea.  One day I’ll slip or a gust of wind will knock me over… then the waves will finally win.


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