Gifts that you gave to me

My attempt at poetry.  Admittedly this is not a style of writing I have ever done a lot in, but wanted to share my poem/song lyrics piece that I had to do for my creative writing unit last semester.  It’s a gloomy day at home, I now feel like having another attempt at writing poetry after reading this piece.

Gifts that you gave to me

This rattle in my head and the bones that won’t mend

Are the gifts that you gave to me.

You say that you love me, words gripping me tightly

Til the lights flicker off and I’m empty.

Flowers smell sweetly, all drooping and dying.

The words they keep tumbling

More lying and crying, more breaking and hating.

Now everything’s gone but a shell.

Rain keeps on falling from eyes that are mourning

The loss of a heart to the sea.

But the tide rolls back in and so it begins

As you start with the gifts once again.

This time around it’s a shell, there’s no sound,

When the kicking and screaming set in.

Then the tide pulls away, while you say

That you love me and that you’ll come back again real soon.

Please won’t you come back real soon.

Now you are gone and the gifts that you gave me still bite, cut and hate me,

As the words rattle on through the sea.

Bones still won’t mend, but it doesn’t matter in the end.

Cause the last gift you left was a shell.

Floating in the sea with no sound is a shell.


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