Loving You

I dimmed the lights.  Dire Straits “Romeo and Juliet” played softly in the background, adding to my mood.  My heart fluttered with each step and my mouth went dry in anticipation.  I ran my tongue along my top lip first.  Then the bottom.  Before my bottom lip curled in and I bit it gently with my teeth.

Patience now.

There was no need to rush.  I had you all to my self.

I slid into the opposite chair, my hands creeping, inching slowly across the table.  Arms outstretched, I curled my fingers into my fists, holding back the urge to grab out and fling you to me.  Exhaling, my fingers released.  Gently, tentatively they reached out, wrapping around you.

“Are you ready?” I ask, although the answer doesn’t matter.  I know I want you and there’s no turning back.

Scooping you up, my mind whirls.  Exhilaration racing through my body, heat flooding my face, leaving my cheeks red, hot, burning with desire.  We’re only a breath a part.  Then my lips touch you, tasting you, instantly.  Resistance is now useless.

Flecks of chocolate hit my tongue as you melt in my mouth.  I slide the spoon out between my firmly closed lips, savouring the feel of you against the back of my lips, for there is no escape.  I have you now and all you can do is melt in my mouth and roll down my throat.  Leaving only traces of chocolate chips on my tongue.

Love of my life


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