Musical Delicacies

I love listening to music.  Bad day, studying, chilling on the beach, partying, filling in time on the bus… there is a playlist for every occasion.  But my music appreciation was taken to a whole new level, when a friend of mine while driving along said, “You have to hear this song.  It’s my favourite.”

Now they don’t seem like very life changing words and they aren’t.  As a matter of fact every time we are in a car this same line is sprouted about a different song.  The difference this time was that after fiddling with MP3 connector leads and rifling through the playlist for the exact song, my friend paused, looked at me and very seriously said “You are about to hear a three course meal in a song.  Listen carefully.”

Intrigued I sat silently for the initial thirty seconds of the song, not quite understanding what he was talking about… and then it happened.  The second course arrived in its full musical glory.  Until it happened I hadn’t realised I was only listening to an entrée to start with, a teaser, sampler of more delicious things to come.  The main course served up sounds and melodies that sated the appetite you didn’t even know you had for the song, full-bodied, bold and exquisite.

No sooner had I digested the main meal and dessert was already served.  Softly, sweetly tying all the flavours of the first two courses of the song together.  I was full, but with dessert there is always room for just a little bit more.  And I lapped it up, hanging on every last sugary sweet drop that blasted from the speakers, before it was over.

We sat in silence for a moment after the gastro-musical delight.  It was a lot to digest.  I knew from this point forwards listening to music would never be the same.  It would no longer just be music to suit the occasion it would be songs that mix together in a blend of flavours and elements to create an entire experience.

My inner musical chef had been awakened and I’m now hungry to experience many more musical meals.


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