Day dreamer

“Dreams are illustrations from the book your soul is writing about you.”

~ Marsha Norman

Dreams are significant.  They occur at a time when our sub-conscience is trying to get meaning through to our conscience.  They can be illustrative, of the past, present or future.  Generally they are illustrations to our emotions we hide.  The parts of our lives we deny, ignore or just plain don’t pay attention to.  Delving deeper into the labyrinth that is human emotion is overwhelming.  But, once started is actually quite interesting.

I don’t have dreams very often.  Well, not ones that I remember.  I generally only ever remember a dream when I’ve reached the absolute limits of personal ignorance.  So even when the dreams appear different, the meaning is always the same.  My sub-conscience telling me it’s time to change, to face fears (which in itself requires a change in habits, attitudes, beliefs), to deal with emotions (another change).  After waking up in the middle of the night and interpreting these dreams of houses I live in, but in random locations, dead people, drownings, phone calls with no answer, and wakeboarding (ok, maybe the last one revolves around to much time spent around the sport and subsequently missing it after busting up my knee), what to do with this in depth psycho-analysis of the soul.  It’s easy to go on a rampage of self-transformation, buy books, google spiritual journeys, ways to transform your self, blah, blah, blah.  But this process usually ends just like new year’s resolutions… all you can think of doing for 3-5 days, before something else comes along to distract the mind.  And maybe it’s enough to focus completely and utterly on changing your life for just a few days, before real life kicks back in.  Maybe in that short space of time the seed of change has been planted.  So at first you don’t notice the change, but over time, it actually is occurring.

I am brilliant at interpreting what aspects of my life need to change, accepting the changes, implementing required changes… and then falling straight back into old habits, routines, emotions and patterns.  I used to consider this failure.  My new year’s resolution though was to change my way of thinking about this.  I haven’t truly failed.  I’ve learnt from the process, made mistakes, but the seed has been planted for future growth.  Failure would be if I’d never acknowledged the need for change at all.  If I had continued to live in ignorance and just kept doing the same old thing.  No matter how big or small the change, as even the slightest deviation to the normal, will over time create a new path, a new journey through life.  So at the end of this brilliant journey, my book is going to be filled with twists, turns and some astounding cliff hangers, as I muddle my way through the lessons my soul is drawing in my dreams.

What would your soul write about you??


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