Chigumu – African Cake

During my time at Home of Hope I had many cooking lessons from the house mothers and children at the orphanage.  My favourite out of them all was Chigumu… mostly because I loved saying the word, but also because it was really tasty.  Chigumu is normally cooked in the hot coals of maize cob fire, but can be cooked in an oven.  This is a real village recipe, there are no exact measurements.


8-9 Bananas

Maize flour

Salt (pinch)

Bicarb soda

Little bit of water


Mash bananas.  Add flour a bit at a time.  Add salt and soda stirring/mashing all ingredients together.  Add water and mix to a thick consistency.  Pour mixture into a pot over hot coals.  Cover and put hot coals on top of lid (if in an oven cake does not need to be covered).  Cook until brown.



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