End of the world or just the beginning?

The suns bright rays reached from afar to stab at my eyes and prickle my skin with heat.  Not a sound could be heard, bar my footsteps, searching for a pathway out.  I stumbled through the unfamiliar landscape colliding with bodies sprawled in piles and haphazardly in the stairwell.

Were they dead?  They could be.  The uneasy feeling of the unknown churning in my stomach.  Or maybe it was more than that.  Dread, fear, poisoning…

The sun.  The bright light I’d felt earlier, it was getting nearer, gouging my eyes and… burning?  Yes definitely a burning smell.  Skin singed as I stepped through the doorway.  Into the remnants of the old world, with it’s shattered glass and towers of cans.  The world left behind with the closure of 2011.  I stepped out into the open now, away from the protection of before, clear of bodies, but with the smell of death permeating the still air.

The world had definitely ended and I had now arrived in hell.


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