Girls just wanna have fun

Published on Wake Online

By Emma Makepeace

We may not have the most steeze or even jump wake to wake.  But the chick’s having a go at the first boat/cable cross over clinic had a wake load of fun!!  The full day clinic, the first in the Cable Ski Logan – Liquid Force Wake Chick’s Summer Series 2011/2012, also sponsored by Jetpilot and Monster Energy, was definitely no sausage fest.  With female coaches, boat drivers and riders, the atmosphere was set for a great day of wakeboarding.

We arrived bright and early to glassy conditions at Cable Ski Logan for a Yoga session by the lake.  It was the perfect way to stretch out and prepare our bodies for the shredding to follow.  Before heading to the boat, each rider got a supply pack for the day, including energy pills (jelly beans) from Liquid Force and a Jetpilot cap and singlet to help protect from the sun.  Then it was off to the Liquid Force Wake Setter to get into the real action of the day.  Half the chicks had some experience behind the boat and while the other half had never ridden boat before.  With Bec Gange and Anna Bielen driving and coaching, everyone made it up out of the water.   Aimee Ballentine, Steph Cole, Pippa Wilkings and Sharna Turner got close to jumping wake to wake by the end of their sets.  Luana Hawke and Kirra Holder got advice on board control once they were up out of the water.  Luana took out stack of the day with a wicked back edge she caught while trying out surface slides.  The Pros took to the water to inspire us further at the end of the boat session and with the sun beaming across the river and the beats cranking, no one wanted to stop.  But there was lunch and cable riding awaiting us for the afternoon.

Arriving back at Cable Ski Logan we inhaled lunch and Monster Energy drinks, before heading back out on the water for the rest of the day.  By this stage the wind had picked up, so riding conditions weren’t perfect, but it didn’t stop anyone.  The flat box, fun box, in lake slider and dragon were the target obstacles for most riders.  Steeze guru, Sophie Hogben was on hand to explain rail riding.  There were discussions about cutting out to an obstacle and how to spin 180 or 360 across them.  For a couple of riders, it was just learning how to take off from the dock or learning slide starts.

The sun started setting and we collapsed into chairs by the lake, to sip on a celebratory glass of champagne.  We compared new tan lines/sunburn; new tricks learnt; stacks had; and new muscles aching over nibblies.  At the end of a massive day of wakeboarding the first lot of Wake Chick’s left cable, dreaming of their next shredding adventure.


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